Sons of the Sun

Cité Soleil

Listen to clips from Cité Soleil( Sun City), Written and produced by Patrick Charles, JPC Music Group production.

Sons of the Sun

  Sons of the Sun, written, arranges, Produced by Patrick Charles , © life music publishing(Ascap) JPC Music Group. Patrick Charles-Drums & Keyboards,Kevin Toney-Piano Alex Al-bass Ayo Adeyemi- African percussion&voice Don littleton-Percussion Fred Clark-guitar Wayne Linsey-Keyboards/Rhodes Louis Van Taylor-flute.

Drummers Corner. Drum Lessons

Drummers Corner: Drumset and percussion lessons, drumming institute Masterclass. Beginner – Learn the concept and the necessary solid foundation to make your drumming growth painless and fun. Intermediate- add to your already acquired and developing skills to unlock your creativity. Advance- learn new ideas and a fresh approach to add to your drumming style, the style you spent countless years molding and shaping.            Learn the inner working of the Groove Feel- how to create a great feel behind the groove using rhythmic ideas and dynamics and incorporate it to the music you are playing. Pocket- what exactly is pocket and how to create it in any musical context, locking in the groove, creating a feel good groove on the beat or behind the beat. Grease – learn how to create an elastic feel and tension in the groove in relation to the other players to keep the feel the pocket, the tempo, and the pulse intact, making it feel good all through the song.  Studio Groove Recording and playing live are completely different monsters, learn groove concept for the studio, groove variations, and groove editing ( less is always more). And conquer your fear of the click track, learn how to play around, with or behind the click and playing with loops in the studio, and much more.             Getting and Keeping the Gig- Live playing A-How to dissect and play the Groove of a song in live situations and make it feels great while supporting the band and the singer. B– locking in with the bass, how to use groove permutation to perfectly complement the bass parts rhythmically and dynamically. C-Playing with loops in a live situation and many more!! LET’S GET STARTED Feel free to reach out with any questions, inquiries, or to get started with your first lesson. DRUMMERS CORNER 138 Harvard Avenue, Suite 410 Allston, Massachusetts 02134, United States